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Explore An Unknown Universe

GALAXZ contains hundreds of billions of stars. The entire GALAXZ universe is extremely large. Players can go to any place they want. The only limitation is the laws of physics, that is, they may not be able to travel to every corner of the universe in their lifetimes. Through some special algorithms, we can make every part of the game world look different, so that players will not get tired of exploring the universe.


Tons Of Spaceships

Different from other space-themed games, all ships in this game are designed and built by the players themselves. The degree of freedom that players have in the design process is very high. From hardware such as the hulls and equipment to software such as the operating systems, almost every detail of the ships can be customized.


Build Your Own City

Apart from space itself, planets are the places which offer the most activities to players. Players can land on planets to build bases and factories, mine resources, deploy armed forces, or simply enjoy the scenery.


Protect Your Home Planet

Choose a planet that suits you and establish a colony. You can engage in various production activities and deploy defense facilities. However, beware of other players coming to compete for your colony. Find your allies, the interstellar war is about to start!


Financial System

The currency or props in the game will be deployed on the blockchain, so that they can be circulated not only in the game, but also outside the game. In this way, the ecology of the game world and the real world can be opened up, generating immeasurable value. In summary, the game will become a part of the player's life, rather than just provide a virtual world sandbox.


Battle System

There are three forms of combat in the game: ground combat, orbital combat, and space combat. Ground combat is the most primitive form of combat, involving ground weapon systems and turrets; space combat is mainly carried out using various warships, aircraft carriers, space stations, etc.; orbital combat lies between the other two forms, and is the most complex combat environment.